Dubai: With sum of an amount of $130,790 for a year will be funded by Indian billionaire for the return tickets of prisoners who will reunite with their families after long time.

Firoz Merchant, an Indian-origin kind hearted person, owner of Pure Gold Jewellers has showered affection towards the families of prisoners. He has just signed a memorandum of understanding with the UAE’s Faraj Fund. This organisation is working for charity purpose utilised in the welfare of needy people in the country.

The total of $130,790 (Dh 480,000) has been promised for air tickets of 132 prisoners whose ‘Ghar Waapsi’ is secured.

Ministry of Social Affairs has founded the UAE Faraj Fund which has helped many innocent people across the country so far.

“These prisoners are victims of circumstances and are not real criminals. They are in jail because of debt,” Merchant had said.

Beside this, Firoz is also engaged to provide financial help to Ajman Police for the medical treatment for the personnel who are suffering from serious neurological disorder. An amount of Dh60,000 shall be allocated for his Chinese acupuncture treatment in Jordan.

“In unity with the Year of Giving initiative, we are working with the prison and law enforcement authorities to help insolvent prisoners; as well as members of the police force who work hard to ensure we continue to live in a secure and happy community,” Merchant added further.

There are very few people who is helping the society worldwide despite any religion or face colour. Firoz is one of them who is helping actively with his own wealth.

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