Forgetting all intense rivalries and disputes, the Indian, Chinese and Pakistani navy warships unite together to rescue a bulk merchant vessel which was attacked by Somalian pirates in the Gulf of Aden on Saturday night.

A Tuvalu flagged commercial bulk carrier OS 35 was travelling from Kelang in Malaysia towards a Yemeni port of Aden. The carrier was hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden last night and has sent out SOS alerts for help. Immediately after receiving SOS from the vessel, the Indian Navy diverted two warships – INS Mumbai and INS Tarkash for rescuing the hijacked merchant ship. Both the warships were a part of fleet of four Indian warships

which were heading for overseas deployment. INS Mumbai, a guided missile destroyer, and INS Tarkash, a Russian-built guided missile frigate were the first to respond to the alert sent out by the UK’s Maritime Trade Organisation.

Image Source: Twitter/@indiannavy

Along with the Indian Navy, the Chinese and Pakistani navies which were also operating in the same area had responded to the alert and sent out help for rescue. The captain and crew of the ship had locked themselves in a strong room on board which is a secure place with ship-controlling steering wheels and communication facilities in case of emergencies and piracy.

An Indian Navy helicopter took off from INS Mumbai for aerial reconnaissance of the ship for instant sanitisation of the upper decks of the vessel. Later the Chinese special forces also moved in for rescue and sent 18 special forces men in the ship to sanitise it. The mission was successfully complete and all the 19 Filipino crew members were safe.

Although, neither any pirates nor any skiffs were detected which indicated that the pirates had fled as security forces moved in, the incident was a show of international maritime cooperation against piracy. With aerial support of Indian Naval helicopters and on-deck rescue operation of Chinese Navy, a huge bulk ship was rescued from Somalian pirates.

The captain of the Tuvalu ship thanked both the naval forces and both Indian Navy and Chinese Navy thanked each other for their successful join sea operation on a critical maritime situation. The Indian Navy justified its ‘Indian Navy anytime, anywhere, everytime’ cliché.

See, how very merry it is when people and countries are united and together and no rivalries, no war. The world will be such a better place to dwell in without any war, the wait is for people across the globe to realize the simple logic and it will be a beautiful place with people living life in peace.