Indian Army officers and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers met at Chushul in Leh on Indian Independence Day to ease out tension at the border, especially after Ladakh stone pelting incident and ongoing Doklam standoff.

India and China are talking for peace at Doklam, but neither of the countries are backing off their military powers – when actions are very different from talks. Adding to which, soldiers of the PLA tried to infiltrate at Ladakh borders on Tuesday at two Indian sites – Finger Four and Finger Five, which had ended up into a skirmish stone pelting incident. The incident was soon thwarted by Indian Army troops and officials with no serious injuries or loses, but the incident surely salted the bruised Indo-Chinese tension. Chinese media had also published a racist video criticising and abusing Delhi of its ‘sins’, but through international sights, the video backfired and exposed the raw bullying nature of the Asian dragon nation.

Amidst the continuously aggravating situations, the Indian Army officials and PLA officials held a peaceful meeting at Leh on the event of India’s 71st Independence day – just a day after Ladakh stone skirmish. The local commanders of both countries held a flag meeting or Border Personnel Meeting (BPM) on August 15th to ensure enduring peace and tranquillity at the Pangong lake in Ladakh, where the stone pelting incident was incurred. Two BPMs were held on same day at Chushul in Leh, which is one of the five officially recognised meeting points located at the 4000 km long Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Indian Army issued a statement that Independence Day was well celebrated at the border and even sweets were exchanged between Indian Army and the PLA soldiers at multiple border areas – “including Doklam border”. It is unclear of what will happen between the two geographically and economically giant Asian nations over territorial issues, but these tiny incidents of ‘peace’ somehow send out a message of willingness towards international border peace – and who knows when an idea can change the world.