After being held captive for around six years, Hamid Ansari was released on Tuesday. He was detained by the Pakistan intelligence agency in year 2012.

33 year old Hamid Ansari entered India through the Wagha-Attari border on this Tuesday, and reunited with his loved ones after six years of imprisonment. Hamid was found missing when he was caught by the local police of Pakistan in Kohat. Some reports say that he’d gone there illegally to meet a girl he had made friends with on some social media. He was spotted and jailed and was sentenced to three more years of jail in the year 2015 in the crime of possessing a fake Pakistani identity card. Hamid, had entered Pakistan through Afghanistan.

His three year jail term ended this December 15, but he was not able to return to India due to some of his important legal documents being unavailable. Hence on the last Thursday the federal government was given a month in which they had to complete his repatriation process. The case was fought by Qazi Muhammad Anwar from Hamid Ansari’s side and he’d filed an appeal to the two judge high court in Peshawar. The hearing was held on Thursday and Ansari was released from the jail on this Tuesday. Later on, he was sent to Islamabad for his journey ahead to India.

Anwar had already raised a concern about why the Pakistan government was silent on the release of Hamid and he had also informed the judges about the same. The judges inquired the additional attorney about how they would keep Hamid in custody after the cessation of his term, in answer to which, one of the officer acknowledged him that a prisoner can be kept for a month while the legal documentation is in progress. The court allowed them the time to complete the process and Hamid was released on Tuesday to return to his native land.