As the Gulf crisis keeps boiling up in the Middle East which has rose concerns for foreign nationality citizens living in Qatar including Indians. In the wake of the rising anguish, the Indian Embassy has issued an advisory to ease out the tension of Indians living in Qatar.

With the Arab nations smearing up diplomatic ties with Qatar because the country is allegedly said to be fostering terrorism, the Gulf has already headed to political as well as economical imbalance causing which can turn into a turmoil in upcoming days. Qatari citizens living in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE have been noticed to return to their home country within two weeks. Bahrain has also asked Qatari diplomats to leave its territory within 48 hours; although Saudi will continue allowing Qatari pilgrims for holy tours.

All these have ended up into spread of rumours which indicated that Qatar too have asked foreign citizens to leave the country. And one of the most significant communities living in the Arab world to be affected by the move would be Indians, especially those who are resident in Qatar. But to avoid the spread of such untruthful news, Indian Embassy has issued an advisory which appealed Indians to not panic and not believe in any kind of rumours. The immediate effect of Qatari crisis was on the civil aviation sector as many flights to and from Qatar have been cancelled, rescheduled or re-routed. The prices of air tickets also have been hiked and flight to India might cost you as many as Rs 24000 because of last minute rush.

The advisory also ensured that Indian Embassy is in close touch with Qatari authorities and will keep them updated and will make sure about the safety and security of Indians living in Qatar. It also said that the Qatari government is taking all measures to ensure normal life in the country and provide sufficient daily supplies including food items. The embassy has also asked citizens to stay updated and well informed about facts and latest updates.