Rain-triggered heavy floods and landslide in Sri Lanka has led to the worst natural disaster since 1970s and left thousands of people affected and there has been many casualties too. Indian Navy has jumped into action to rescue people affected by the calamity.

Southern and western Sri Lanka faced more than heavy downpour which triggered violent floods and mudslides which and the casualty tall has reached to 91 people, 110 are missing and about 7,800 people are affected. Rescue operations with about 400 Sri Lankan personnel, choppers and boats are ongoing and as per the reports of Disaster Management Center, around 2,040 people were evacuated to safer locations and more than 61,000 were affected by the rain that started early Friday.

To help the close neighbour during disaster, India has sent navy ships with rescue and relief material to Sri Lanka. INS Kirch operating in South Bay of Bengal, has been diverted to Colombo in Sri Lanka to render immediate assistance in flood relief operations. INS Shardul has already left from Kochi port with medical aids and diving teams and will reach Colombo by tonight. Also, INS Jalashwan is scheduled to sail from Visakhapatnam towards Sri Lanka carrying Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief (HADR) stores containing victualling, clothing, medicines and water. INS Jalashwan will also carry Gemini crafts, helicopters, rescue teams and medical staff for efficient rescue operation.

The Sri Lankan government has announced a high alert situation as more rainfall is expected in upcoming 72 hours and situations can go worse. People living near rivers and hilly slopes are advised to evacuate as the heavy rain are expected to continue. The country’s navy deployed more than 100 sailors and 20 boats to rescue and help the affected people. The air force also sent helicopters and planes to rescue the marooned and provide emergency relief. And Indian Navy help will reach soon reach for a successful rescue operation in Sri Lanka.