Replacing Diane Greene, an Indian American and former executive at Oracle – Thomas Kurian has been appointed as the new CEO of Google Cloud, after Greene stepped down from her long-held position at Google.

Google Cloud Chief Executive Officer Diane Greene, who was hired three years ago and played a leading role in pushing Google Cloud to popularity is stepping down from her position. The time that Greene headed Google Cloud was a rocky tenure and although she managed to win sales from Spotify and Snap, the company failed to take over the leaders like Amazon’s massive lead in global cloud market, and Microsoft’s second place in the market. The millions of dollars spent by Greene to develop a new sales force has led Google Cloud to some serious business chops, while remaining a number 3 in the market.

While making the announcement of Greene’s resignation, Google also said that a former Oracle executive Thomas Kurian is joining Google Cloud from November 26th and will take over the leadership role in early 2019 – until then, Greene will head the business. However, Greene will remain the board member of Alphabet even after handing over the CEO position to Thomas Kurian. The Indian origin techie, Kurian has spent almost 20 years in developing his position to the post of president of product development at Oracle.

By hiring Kurian as the CEO of their cloud company, Google expects to get an executive who is already aware about how to manage cloud development since he comes from Oracle – world’s second-largest software maker. However, Thomas Kurian is likely to face a major cultural challenge since he is believed to be adhering to the top-down management model – which is contradictory to Google’s collaborative working culture and has always been a concern for Google workforce. And replacing Google’s most prominent female executive will be no easy job.