The Cabinet has approved an Internal Security Scheme worth Rs 25060, which will modernise central as well as state police forces in next three years for an improved internal security system.

Maintaining law and order in a vast country which is home to billions of people, is no cakewalk – it takes a lot more than lot, especially when it is a secular and democratic country. Since the police force is the mainframe internal security body, it is important to keep them aided with whatever needed to maintain peace, law and order pan-country. With an aim of strengthening country’s law and order mechanism, modernise police force and efficiently fight against vigilance and terrorism – the Cabinet Committee of Security, chaired by PM Modi cleared the bill for a modernisation scheme worth Rs 25060 Crores.

The umbrella scheme is known as Modernisation of Police Forces (MPF) and will be rejuvenating the police force for fiscal years 2017-18 and 2019-20.  This is statically the biggest ever internal security scheme passed and of Rs 25,060 crore, the central government share will be Rs 18,636 crore and the states’ share will be Rs 6,424 crore. MPF will not just modernise Indian Police Forces, but it will also focus on making the forces more efficient and adaptive to various situations.

Apart from that, special provisions have been covered for women security, availability of modern weapons, mobility of police forces, logistic support, helicopters, upgradation to wireless systems, national satellite network for police, crime tracking network and system, CCTV enabled cities, e-prison – counting just a few. The remarkable point about this internal security scheme is that of the total budget, an outlay of Rs 10,132 crore has been embarked to be spent in Jammu Kashmir and other north-eastern states of India which are affected by terrorism and extremists. Almost 40% to the northern states, it seems to be more of anti-LWE expenditure than pan India internal forces modernisation.