The prestigious thorn at the peak of Raisina, it is no dire position for the Indian governing body and the stages are all set to pick the President of India for the 14th time after independence, as the parliamentary members cast their electoral votes today.

The head of the State of India and the Commander-in-chief of the Indian Armed Forces – the President of Republic of India is one of the most supreme positions in the Constitution of India. With the primary duty of preserving, protecting and defending the country, the thorn of Raisina comes with humongous responsibilities, and Indian Parliament is all set to elect its 14th President who will represent the country for next five years, or more. A total of 4896 members of the Parliament are eligible to cast their votes for the presidential election this year, including 4120 MLAs and 776 elected MPs.

The electoral polling will be conducted at the Parliamentary House in New Delhi as well as respective State Assemblies from 10AM to 5PM, and each voter will select from between the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) candidate – Ram Nath Kovind and Opposition candidate Meira Kumar. The NDA candidate is a faithful and long-term dalit member of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and has total backing from his party and their allies; whereas the Meira Kumar, a dalit too, is a Congress candidate and has been a speaker in the Lok Sabha, and is backed by the Opposition parties.

This year’s election will be a clash of ideologies and a conflict of disparate values, as described by Congress President Sonia Gandhi. The Presidential election needs the voters to cast their vote wisely to preserve the identity of the Republic of India which represents the illustrious generations of freedom fighters. And that is why out of 95 presidential candidates’ applications, 93 were rejected and only two candidates were allowed to race for Raisina. The new President of India will be pledged in, after the end of tenure of outgoing President Pranab Mukherjee on July 24th, 2017; and will be replaced by the new First Citizen of the independent and democratic Republic of India.