Indian intellect is now being hot-picked across the world, testifying it, recently an Indian origin professor Dipak Jain has been appointed as the new head of top Chinese business school in Shanghai called the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).

Dipak Jain, a the 61-year-old professor had settled down in the US, where he has served as a former dean of two of the world’s premier business schools, namely the Kellogg School of Management and INSEAD. Born and brought up in India’s Assam, Jain lived in Chicago and had been working in Shanghai half of each month as a marketing teacher at the CEIBS since September last year. After his remarkable knowledge, he was appointed as the in charge of the president-designate role of CEIBS, which is the top Chinese business school.

Within less than a year, Jain has been appointed as the new head CEIBS, the top-notch global business school in China. With this appointment, Jain will take his charge as the European president of the Shanghai-based China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), replacing Pedro Nueno who held this position for past 28 years. After the appointment Jain was quoted saying this to the media that, “We are targeting any individual who has an interest in China. Someone who might want to work here and perhaps try and create something here; an individual who is trying to build a bridge between this part of the world and anywhere else. This to me is the real CEIBS thing-leaders who have an interest in China or the region.”