Indian Railway stations are providing Wi-Fi facility since January 2016 and the connectivity is better than Wi-Fi service at San Francisco or London! Yes, really, and I am not saying that, Google says so (there’s a reasons why ‘Google’ says that).

The good colonial era railways in India are eventually upgrading in terms of technology with new upgraded trains, ticket booking systems, facilities provided, on-board and on-wheel services. Thanks to PM Modi’s Digital India dream under which the Indian Railways had initiated Wi-Fi broadband service at railway stations in partnership with Google – Google RailTel (see the reason?). RailTel was launched in January 2016 and has expanded its service to 140 railway stations across the country and has the target of reaching out to 400 stations by 2018.

Google India’s Country Head of Connectivity – Gulzar Azad claimed that the quality of Wi-Fi provided at Indian railway stations is better than that in London and San Francisco considering connectivity, capacity and coverage. And of course the claims by Google aren’t just because it is their service; I mean after all it is Google, they bring quality products and services. For RailTel, high speed internet is provided via Fibre network and Google sets up the wireless infrastructure and provides tech support.  The speed ranges from 20-40 Mbps which is great for an open mass network.

But who would RailTel internet service in the era of free 4G internet (Jio)? The Google stats have a different story to tell – Azad said that in initial days of RailTel, there were about 5 million active users each month but it has increased to 6.5 million every month. The stats say that people are using RailTel despite having cheaper mobile internet on hands. Probably it is the high quality and the high speed that keeps everyone wanting to use RailTel, which beats out world-class level cities like San Francisco and London.