So the Indian Railways have made it to the headlines once again. Travelling in the AC 3-tier coach soon will be a luxury as the Indian Railways are going for a major “makeover”. A few changes made to the coaches, which have had the same look and feel for decades, the new-look AC 3-tier coaches would become more comfortable, luxurious and passenger-friendly.

The first revamped 3A coach is awaiting the final green flag from Railway Ministry before rolling out on tracks in form of all-new Humsafar Express. The 3 tier AC coaches in other trains are likely to be revamped soon. As per reports, the manufacturing of each new coach has cost the Railway a total of Rs 2.7 Crore which is 20 lakhs more than the ordinary 3 AC coaches. With the inclusion of all the facilities, the fare of all the AC 3-tier will be about 15% more than Rajdhani fares.

Here are the key features that will be added and modifications made in the new coaches for modernising the train coaches.

  • The first change one would notice on entering new coach will be how it looks. a beige-cream-grey colour scheme has replaced the old signature blue upholstery of the Railways.
  • Improve ladders with comfortable footrests and additional handles for easy access to the top berths.
  • For the modern devices, each cabin of eight berths will have two plug points and six USB ports and reading lights for all berths.
  • Special capacitors for the ports have been included as people to use their phones while they are being charged and so they don’t heat up. Thoughtful!
  • New coaches will have a cushioned plank placed alongside the side-lower seats. To lower the backrests for a flat berth the passenger will simply have to slide the hand rests up.
  • Each coach will have CCTV cameras near doors, smoke detector alarms and tea/coffee vending machines.
  • GPS-enabled screens installed in each coach to display the train’s location.
  • For the first time, the Indian Railways have introduced separate urinals for men and women. Women urinals will also have nappy-changing tables for babies.
  • And with inputs of National Institute of Design, the floors of toilets will be made of material which does not soil easily and the walls are graffiti resistant. The steel mug chained to a pipe has been replaced by a faucet.

Excitedly anticipating for the launch of these new coaches, right? The Humsafar Express will soon be launched and later eventually other trains. Happy journey to you.