Indian Railways and Suresh Prabhu are the probably the most practical government department and minister as they are getting all techy-trendy. The Railway’s active Twitter handle which boasts about 2.7 million followers and is an active platform for posting all the complaints you have, because they solve about 3000 complaints via tweets, daily!

Social media has become core medium of communication for huge mass for celebrities, public figures, politicians and now government departments too. Twitter has become an active contact point between the Railways and commuters and has proved to be a big boon. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu initiated to set up a department to work exclusively on social media interaction and has huge number of followers. Talking about the Railway Ministry’s Twitter handle, it has already logged 3.78 lakh tweets so far.

The ministry account gets approximately 6,500 mentions per day in which around 3,000 mentions are in the form of complaints. The team is very active and gets immediately notified about any new tweet to which they act right away after initial verification of the passengers. In fact, the Railway Ministry has deployed a dedicated team of 150 staffers across 68 divisions of the Indian Railways who keep a close watch on social media messages 24×7 and also make sure that the issue is solved within stipulated time. And they don’t just solve the issues, they also try to reach the passengers to inform that what action has been taken on his/her complaint.

This is amazing coherence with technology and modernisation; and Suresh Prabhu-led railway team is on the very right track towards a common, easily accessible and transparent medium for smoother systems. Way to go Indian Railway Ministry.