Considered to be one of the crucial transportation mediums in India, the Indian Railways is prepping up to embark on big transformations – focusing on increasing the productivity and streamline operations of the railways in India.

Indian Railways is the lifeline of Indian transportation and Piyush Goyal-led Indian Railways Ministry is set to work on major transformations – from new modern locomotives to upcoming dedicated freight corridors or station redevelopment programmes or streamlining punctuality, they have huge plans. With the prime goal to increase productivity of locomotives, and streamline operations – software-based decision support system will be used which will optimise locomotive deployment to run passenger trains across the nation. The implementation of mathematical calculations will ensure that trains are well-scheduled and punctual – which will ultimately contribute in quality of railway service.

Locomotives play an important role in the way railway networks function and energy efficient locomotives that can achieve relatively higher speeds and throughput are crucial to India that is growing fast and hopes to retain the tag of world’s fastest growing major economy. If the locomotives become energy efficient, it will mean saving of fuel, reduction of carbon emission and fuel cost reduction – which will directly translate into cheaper train fares, hence benefiting the people directly. So the Indian Railways is looking into inducting world-class locomotives which will haul greater tonnes of freight and will also allow for greater acceleration and deceleration at shorter distances.

Besides punctuality, the Indian Railways will upgrade comfort and safety of commuters by redevelopment of railway platforms and remodelling of train coaches. The Indian Railways ministry is looking forward to remodel the infrastructure so that it can efficiently serve the passengers of India, which is one of the fastest growing economies and the new big plans in coming few years will prove to be game changers for the way Indian Railways work.