Indian Railways is about upgrades lately, and the much-needed change is likely be introduction of a new concept of bio-toilets at the railway stations. The bio-toilets will be based on Japanese technology and will be imported to India for a trials, after which, a pilot project will be carried forward to introduce cleaner toilers.

According to an IANS report, the bio-toilets will first be established at certain fixed railway stations to ascertain the pros and cons of using this technique. One of the bio-toilets is already functional at Madgaon railway station and two more such toilets are expected to be established at Delhi’s and Varanasi Railway stations. Being supportive in this initiative and promoting their unique technology in India, Japan has decided to give 150 bio toilets to India for installation at various stations across the nation. If only the initial installation proves to be fruitful and useful enough, new bio-toilets will be established at another spots as well.

Talking about the technique of the system and logic behind the name bio-toilets, the main ingredient of these bio-toilets is saw dust! Yes the Japanese bio-toilets possess a system composed of saw dust and a churner to deteriorate the excreta while the Indian bio-toilet system is a bit different with bacteria as the core of their method. Most of the long run trains have been heavily criticised by the passengers due to poor sanitisation at the toilets and it’s specific stench. Besides this, the Indian railways has always tried but still failed to keep up the standard and sterile conditions in their toilets, due to water problems or defective flushing systems. Bio-toilets are one of the ways to improve their facility and provide hygienic conditions to the passengers.

They’re also working on bio vacuum toilets to make less use of water, easy flushing and still function efficiently throughout the long journeys of railway. These bio vacuum toilets will make use of a system almost similar to the digester system used in aircrafts, the only difference being that they’ll use bio-digesters. Railways is determined to equip all the stations with bio-toilets by next year and the procedure for that has already begun since long.