Meet Suyash Dixit, or should we call him ‘His Highness’? The Indian techie travelled hundreds of miles into the deserts of Egypt-Sudan border in North Africa to reach Bir Tawil – the unclaimed territory on Earth that belongs to no country; and the man declared himself as the first monarch of this no-man land!

While many of us are struggling to find ‘affordable house’ to live in, Suyash Dixit, an Indian techie is claiming to have established his very own kingdom which is an unclaimed barren territory between Egypt and Sudanese border! This guy is certainly the sharmaji ka beta we have been envious about, right? So the story goes something like this – the 24-year-old CEO of an Indian tech firm from Indore, was on a business trip to Egypt for a software developers’ conference, when he found out about Bir Tawil – the only strip on land on Earth that is unclaimed by any recognised nation. It is an 800-square miles strip of land located between the borders of Egypt and Sudan – it belongs to no country, no state! Crazy, right?

So Mr Dixit decided to travel 319km through the deserts of barren unmanned land which is said to be doped with terrorists, crossed international Egyptian borders and reached Bir Tawil. He took with himself, a flag for his newly claimed kingdom and planted sunflower seeds in on the no-man land – which is an ancient tradition if anyone wanted to claim land for themselves. And that is how Dixit calls himself ‘King Suyash I’, the self-claimed monarch of ‘Kingdom of Dixit’.

Ah the things people do, right! Fanatic as it sounds, Dixit isn’t the first person who tried to claim the territory. In fact, back in 2014, Virginia father travelled to Bir Tawil with the aim of making his daughter a princess of the ‘Kingdom of North Sudan’ – which seems to have been wiped off. Despite the fact that Dixit has already signed up a petition to the United Nations for officiating his kingdom, it is unlikely to ever become his kingdom for real – because as per international law, only recognised states can assert sovereignty over any territory. It was still a fun story, just to enjoy the weird colours of this world.