One of the most awaited global summits, the World Economic Forum 2019 is going live from tomorrow, and as the anticipation about what discussions and decisions will be made at not-yet-started annual meet raises, the global survey conducted by WEF shows that Indians are the biggest supporters of international aid when it comes to common people expecting their nation to help other countries.

The World Economic Forum worked up with Qualtrics to conduct a global public poll on 10,000 people from around the world to know what common people think their country has a responsibility to help other countries through international aid. The results of survey were released just a day before the start of WEF 2019, and it states that India is the topmost in the list because 95 percent Indians replied in affirmative when asked if their country should help other countries in serious crisis, which is the highest rate of public supporters for international aid.

With 94 percent supporters, Indonesia and Pakistan follows India for the second rank, and South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and China made it to the top ten in the list. The global statistics showed a 72% average score, and developed western countries like Germany, France, and the US scored below 60% individually. The poll results will prove to be an important agenda at the WEF, specially for India which has  transitioned its role as an aide and provider to the foreign countries. The public surveys of various other agendas that were to be raised during the annual meet were also carried out.

Over years, India has become the one-of-a-kind nation that provides more aid to the world than it actually receives under the ‘Development Aid’ to serve economic objectives and strategic tools to the foreign land. An aid of Rs 7719.65 crores to foreign countries were done by India against assistance of Rs 2,144.77 crore received to itself in the financial year 2015-16. In the same duration, the global fund provided the largest aid of Rs 1477.72 crore. The effort of assistance is a part for India to commensurate itself as an emerging power and to crown itself as one of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.