Sushi? Sashimi? Ramen? Yakitori? Crave for some authentic Japanese food? How about ordering it all the way from Japan and enjoying it here in India? Don’t call me crazy, PM Modi and Japanese PM Shinzo have inked down a food agreement to avail ‘cool box service’ which will actually ferry edibles from Japan to India.

Japanese PM Abe Shinzo is on trip to India and while they were deeply talking about wide-ranging topics like bilateral, regional and international issues, ways to deepen ties in trade, security and nuclear energy; so somewhere in the middle of these talks, a weird thought struck to both leaders’ minds. What about Japanese-origin people or just anybody craving for authentic Japanese dishes? They can go to Japanese restaurants, but it wouldn’t still be ‘original’. That was then, and both leaders signed a ‘Food Agreement’ under which, India Post and Japan Post will start a postal service that will allow people from India to order their favourite food from Japan.

So with this ‘Cool EMS’ service provided by postal systems, fresh food can be sent from Japan to India in cool boxes and it would be fit for consumption. How cool is that! And Japanese food is getting popular each day, like how people are crazy about sushi or rice-wrapped rolls, sashimi or raw meat or fish, soba or buckwheat noodles, miso soup, a traditional broth, and various kinds of seafood. So Japan, ready for some heavy cool-box shipment? The price and cost of shipment is yet to be decided, or it’s just us in dark, but we hope to find out soon.

Apart from fresh food, both Prime Ministers also shared the importance of strengthening cooperation in the fields of agricultural and food related sectors. They welcomed Japan’s participation in World Food India 2017 as a partner country. Yet, nothing can beat the Cool-Box, right?