India’s home grown air-to-air missile system – Astra successfully completed its test launches and has boosted Indian Air Force’s airstrike capabilities to an extent that India has now become the 6th country to have such combat technology.

The final air-to-air trials of India developed missile Astra, which was built by Defence Research and Development Organisation – based in Hyderabad, is successfully complete now. The indigenously built Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM) Astra went through rigorous series of tests for four days in Bay of Bengal, off the coasts of Chandipur in Odisha. With successful final trial launch on Friday, Astra is now ready to be a proud part of the Indian Air Force.

Capable of destroying of high speed manoeuvring supersonic aerial targets, Astra can target at very low range, at high manoeuvring target at medium range and multiple launches of missiles in salvo to engage multiple targets. Earlier, the IAF was mostly dependent on Russian and Israeli air-to-air systems to meet its battlefield requirements. The successful 7-trial series of Astra will pave its way to induction of the missile into Indian Air Force, soon. Once inducted, the all-weather and all terrain Astra missile could be the mainstay of the nation’s territorial air defence in its category.

In the modern age, full-fledged wars are very unlikely to occur but all countries are continuously trying to boost their capabilities when it comes to defence and combat. This may be to display their capabilities which include – economic status, technological advancement and defence strategies. But one thing we must keep in mind while advancing our defence capabilities, that at the end we all are sitting on tips of more than fatal nuclear weaponries and other chemical weapons – which could all trigger a self-imposed apocalypse.