If walking on a canopy seems to be a far-fetched dream, thanks to the Karnataka Tourism Department, you can now experience it a lot closer to home. As India’s first canopy walk has been launched at Kuveshi, near Castle Rock in the state of Karnataka.

Did you know the world’s largest treetop path (1300m long) is at the Bavarian Forest National Park in Germany? You walk 25 metres above the ground, amidst the towering trees in this ancient mountainous region in central Europe, and if you’re lucky, you could spot a brown bear, boar or a wolf. Think it is a far-fetched dream in India? Well, not anymore, thanks to the Karnataka Tourism Department, who has made it so very possible here in India, much closer to our homes. The state tourism department has launched India’s very first canopy walk at Kuveshi, near Castle Rock.

The 30 foot tall canopy will offer visitors a glimpse into the verdant rainforests of the Western Ghats. The area is a rich habitat for the Malabar squirrel, lion-tailed macaque, hornbill, oriental kingfisher, white bellied trepid, among many woodpeckers and butterflies. Tree enthusiasts are in for a treat as the zone is home to numerous tree species, some over a 100 years old. The Malabar tamarind, cinnamon, bamboo, Bauhinia, eucalyptus, lantana, silver oak, teak and Jamba are common here, says O. Palaiah, Chief Conservator of the Kali Tiger Reserve.

In a rainforest, not much grows on the forest floor since sunlight does not reach it. On the other hand, the treetops are brimming with plant and animal life: mammals, birds and a variety of endemic plants. It is a 240-metre canopy built about 30 feet from the ground and can hold up 240-metre canopy built about 30 feet from the ground. The initiative will not only give people a new perspective of our forests but also more awareness about the region’s biodiversity.