For the first time in the history of Indian medical science, a heart transplantation operation was carried out by transportation of the organ beyond the boundaries of a state – as a patient from AIIMS Delhi receive heart transplant from a donor all the way from Gujarat. Hence making India’s first interstate heart transplant, a success.

The heart of an 18 year old young boy from Gujarat was transplanted to a 32 year old man at AIIMS Delhi – India’s first interstate heart transplant to be carried out. Also, this is the first time that an organ was sent outside the western zone from Gujarat, all the way to Delhi. It all started with an unfortunate incident when an 18-year-old Mihir Patel, an engineering student at ITI Hazira was on his way to home on 10th of September after giving exams. On the way, Mihir was he was hit badly by a dumper and lost the control of his bike, fell off and got severe injuries on head.

He was admitted to the Sunshine Global Hospital in Surat under intensive care, but he succumbed to the injuries and was declared brain-dead on September 12th. A local NGO called Donate Life came in and Mihir’s family about the possible organ donation to Mihir’s family. since Mihir’s uncle had also suffered from kidney failure some 20 years back and he was given a kidney by his grandfather, the family understood the importance of organ donation and agreed to donate Mihir’s organs if it could save someone’s life.

Mihir’s kidneys, liver and eyes were donated immediately, but since no recipient for his heart were found in any of the heart transplant centres of Gujarat, the hospital made a request at the HOTA (Human Organ Transplant Authority) in Maharashtra. However, no recipient was listed in western India so it was reported to  reported to NOTTO, the national body for organ donation, and finally a recipient was discovered. The recipient was Govind Mehra, a 32 year old who received transplant of Mihir’s heart that was sent all the way from Gujarat to Delhi, travelling a distance of 1,158 Kms in a passenger aircraft from Surat to Delhi.