The Civil Aviation Department of India has announced a first national no-fly list which will upheld air travel norms and bar unruly passengers from flying for a minimum of three months to two years – depending on the level of misdemeanour.

Air travel is getting more common these days, which is good, but the mass comes with some unruly travellers who misbehave or hinder the journey of aviation staff and/or co-passengers. After recent records of such incidents when the ‘strong-backed’ citizens of India, sowed wild oats to exhibit their prowess or something, maybe. So, to control such unruly passengers and make air travel experience smoother, hassle-free and pleasant – for passengers as well as aviation staff, the Government has announced a set of simple and easily understandable no-fly list.

Under this list, three levels of offence or rather misdemeanours have been defined and as per the measure of offence, the respective passenger could be nationally banned from flying for a specific defined period of time. The rule is applicable to Indian citizens as well as foreign travellers who travel to India in domestic Indian or foreign carriers – because we are so unbiased when it comes to rules. Anyway, here are the three levels of misdemeanours, make sure to be careful, or you’ll be banned from flying:

  • Level 1 – Unruly physical gestures, verbal harassment and unruly inebriation. This will end up to fly ban of as many as three months.
  • Level 2 – Physically abusive behaviour (pushing, kicking, hitting, inappropriate touching); ban up to six months.
  • Level 3 – Life threatening behaviour — assaults, damage to aircraft systems etc; ban is minimum of two years.

But who will decide if the offence is an offence and which level is applicable? Certainly someone who belongs to law. In this case, it will be an independent committee which will work under the lead of a retired District Judge. The decision of case will be made within 30 days of complaint and fly ban will be applied as per the ruling passed by unbiased committee. This is a positive move and will ensure safety and peace while travelling by air; and we can’t deny that rules are must to make humans behave like humans, right?