India and few of the Arab countries are all set to bridge new engagement sessions and strategies to develop bilateral and multilateral forums – especially for Kashmir and to remark peace proposals in the region, with Pakistan.

India will be having busy Arabian days with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Algerian foreign minister Abdelkader Messahel to India this month, which will be followed by Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj’s trip to Arab country Morocco – India and Arab countries are up to strengthen relations that are already tied with around 40 pacts on defense, counter-terrorism, and investments. A meeting on investments and trade will also be held in Tunis, this month, including Indian diplomats and diplomats of Muslim-preponderant North African nations along with Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.

The parley with the ‘West Asia North Africa’ in Tunisia will be a pool of opportunities for India’s private sector to network allies with the Tunisian trade association and its analog nations in WANA member states. The conclave will be staging deepen dialogues, prioritized commitments, and promising sectors between India and North Africa, spanning to some Middle East countries. “It also reflects, once again, the increasing interest and commitment of India toward further strengthening developmental partnerships with our region”, says Nejmeddine Lakhal, Ambassador of Tunisia to India.

The staging of policies for trade with India will be first of its kind in the Mediterranean region besides Africa. Geographical vicinity and a free-trade accord made North Africa allow India’s entry, to which Commerce and industry minister Suresh Prabhu may represent India at the meeting. Indian Navy marks the agreement to access Duqm Port in Oman as its logistic multiplier for the strategic reach in westwards and in the Indian Ocean and for operations to counter China’s ubiquity in Djibouti. India is making sure progress as the Delegation from Oman was recently in India to grip tight India’s presence in the area. Duqm based Special Economic Zone Authority (Sezad) thrust a promotional drive, recently, to seek Indian finance. Yahya bin Said bin Abdullah Al Jabri, chairman of Sezad, has asked Indian business community to traverse the benefits that the region offers on making investments.