New York: An Indian-American innovative work from the staff of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Viral Patel, is a researcher from the group of specialists who are building up an ultrasonic dryer which dries clothes quicker and requires no heat.

“It is a completely new approach. Instead of evaporation, it’s technically performing mechanical extraction of the moisture within the fabric,” Patel told Knoxville News Sentinel.

Patel said that conventional dryers, for the most part, utilise straightforward system & traditional technology: as the air gets sucked in from the encompassing area, it goes through a heater or gas burner and into the drum where the clothes tumble around enabling the heat to retain the dampness with the air leaving the dryer.

In any case, the ultrasonic dryer utilises piezoelectric transducers to evacuate dampness: when a high-frequency voltage is connected to the transducers, they vibrate at a high frequency making caught water leave the fabric without heat.

Fundamentally, the dryer shakes the water out of the clothes, accelerating the procedure.

Mr Patel specified that GE Appliances is building up a concurrence with the analysts to continue toward commercialisation.

Patel started his education in the wake of moving from Zambia to the United States for school. As an undergrad at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), he began in aerospace engineering. However, subsequent to taking a course in thermal systems design, he chose to expand his viewpoints and vocation openings with a master degree in mechanical engineering.