Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka arrived in one of their driverless cars and gave a glimpse of his firm’s future plans as it looks to score big on newer technologies to ramp up revenue.

Sikka emphasized its focus on Artificial Intelligence as the future revenue driver, and to stress the point further, CEO Vishal Sikka arrived at the quarterly media briefing at it’s Bengaluru headquarters in a driver-less cart developed in-house. He said that Infosys will concentrate to re-skill and up-skill employees with new emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, to create a pool of thousands of engineers who can work on these modern technologies which will eventually boost the company’s business.

“The driverless car is kind of the technology we are strongly focussed on. If you go by our numbers, about 10% of our revenue has come from new technoogies, services that did not exist 2 years ago. These are high growth services and that’s where our focus will be. The driverless car shows we can be at at the cutting edge of technologies.” said Sikka. He also informed that Infosys aims to get back on the growth track, for which it would develop VR and driverless car technology for its clients like Toyota and Boeing.

Infosys has been  working on products based on new technologies since last two years, but started to report revenues from them starting Q1 of this year. Their services include Cloud Ecosystem, Big Data and Analytics, Cyber Security, and IoT Engineering Services. Its profits for the quarter grew 1.4 percent to Rs 3,483 crore and revenue grew 1.8 percent to Rs 17,078 crore. The growth was a result of better efficiency, better utilization, and improved operation controls, which helped the company remain stable even as business remained muted in its main markets, such as North America.