India-based tech giant Infosys has had major upheavals at top level of the company’s workforce, but the firm has just announced that they will keep hiring 6000 engineers annually for next two years – summing up to an expansion of 12,000 staff in two years.

They say strong-rooted trees can’t be uprooted easily, at least not just because come leaves or branches have fallen off. Proving ‘them’ right, Infosys has just announced that it will continue to hire 6000 engineers annually, just like its regular schedule – despite staggering top-level management department. The company has also reassured that changes at the top level will not affect any subsidiary ranks in any way and the company will continue working consistently like ever before.

Recently, India’s second largest firm – Infosys has gone through a major spat between its corporate members, which spilled up on the public domain leading to former CEO Vishal Sikka, former Chairman R Seshasayee and three other board members’ quitting. Sikka’s exit immediately stuttered Infosys’ share value and the company had to bear a sudden blow of Rs 22,400 crores – which is about 9% loss! Despite major spats and spits at top level, the company made sure that rest of its 1,98,553 employees will not be affected and they payrolls will remain unchanged. The company will focus on hiring candidates from US and Europe majorly to expand its reach in international market.

Infosys also plans to expand to international market by 10,000 employees which will help in building overall progress of the company in foreign countries. So the company will hire a healthy mix of local as well as international staff to boost productivity and progress of the country. By adding more people letting go of only a minuscule number of people, shows Infosys’ purely performance-related perspective.