As promised, Facebook owned Instagram has finally jumped into the bandwagon of trending group video calls and introduced the feature along with a ton of other swanky ones like – a new explore section and many more new camera effects.

With 1 billion active users across the world each month, Instagram has gained massive popularity and the Facebook-owned pictorial social media app seems to be in no mood of slowing down by attracting more users with bundles of new features. The strategy seems to be working for Instagram because, an average user spent 29 minutes per day on Instagram in September 2017, and after addition of new features, the time has risen up to 55 minutes each day currently. That is almost double time spent (or wasted) on uploading, editing and scrolling down to others’ pictures on Instagram – a win-win for company.

Keeping up with the same strategy, Instagram is decided to add the group video calling – the trendiest feature for social media platforms; for example Snapchat, Whatsapp and the first-to-introduce Facebook Messenger. It allows users to video call three users at the same time – a total of four users in single video call conference. Having said that, the group video calling feature on Instagram isn’t that bad, in fact, it works just fine – albeit, with just a few seconds of delay in initial connection and starting up of the connection. To keep calling private, you can only call someone whom you follow and who follows you back; and you can always mute the call if you are not interested.

Besides group video calling, Instagram has launched other noteworthy features like Topics Channel on the Expore tab – which will let you be more intentional on navigating posts on Explore tab. With this, one can add more personalised channels that will be included under ‘For You’ and you can pick your picks. Instagram is also adding new camera effects that are specially designed by Ariana Grande, Buzzfeed, Liza Koshy, Baby Ariel and NBA in the Instagram camera with a promise to add much more in no time.