Think only Siri and Alexa can talk back? Well, you might want to meet SIA, State Bank of India’s new AI supported robot which will chat with customers to assist them with their queries.

Indian banks are modernising each day and they are not lagging when it comes to customer assistance. Recently, HDFC national bank introduced their humanoid robot named Ira in some of the branches and now the largest public sector bank of India – State Bank of India (SBI) has come up with SIA – the intelligent chatbot. SIA is SBI’s Intelligent Assistant and is currently in beta-testing mode, after which, the chatbot will be deployed to various branches of SBI across the nation.

SIA will help all customers with their queries and will guide them through various services and products offered by the bank – using artificial intelligence. The chatbot was developed by Allincall which is an IIT Bombay backed start-up and SIA uses machine learning techniques for responding to customer’s queries. SIA will be able to make conversations in text as well as audio formats, so on your next trip to SBI, make sure to say hi if you find one of the SIA chatbots, she’ll be nice, I assure you.

SBI has already expanded their digital platform with their InTouch platform which uses artificial intelligence to handle various operations; and introduction of SIA will boost digital user assistance experience. The bank has also revealed their intentions of using other artificial robots like IBM Watson in near future to perform a variety of jobs, especially in improving customer experience. Currently, 80% of bank’s transactions are made by machines and introduction of such AI bots will hike these numbers even more – towards Digital India.