Apple has just announced a new operating system update for iPhones and iPads at the ongoing annual WWDC event – iOS 12 which will be available from fall – changing the way one uses Apple handsets. But the best part is, iOS 12 will be available to all devices which currently have iOS 11 – i.e. all devices from iPhone 5s and later, leaving nobody behind.

Each year, millions of iPhone and iPad users look up to Apple WWDC, anticipating about what new the company has for their user experience to change with a new updates. This year is no different with iOS 12, which clearly seems to be the most important aspect of the Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose. Apple’s new iOS is important because, it is the operating system on which Apple has spent most of its time through the year – to make it better and to change the way iPhone and iPad users use their devices. Announced today, iOS 12 will be available this fall and it will be available to all devices which currently have iOS11 – which means, iPhone 5s and later, and any iPad released since 2013 will be getting the update.

The big focus in the new OS is undoubtedly on performance and that’s the first major improvement that any user will experience. iOS 12 will be much faster than its predecessor with 40% faster app launch, 70% faster camera, 50% faster keyboard, and huge optimizations under heavy load thanks to clever CPU boosts. Then, Apple is banking big on AR, which it calls transformational technology for Apple devices. That comes with the new AR Kit 2 and a brand-new file format for 3D graphics – USDZ, which is an open source format and all native iOS apps will support reading USDZ files. Which means, one will be able to bring in any objective from Creative Cloud into an AR environment and have a “what you see is what you get” experience for the first time ever.

Next up, Siri gets better with iOS 12 as it will come with new Siri Shortcuts that will be a quicker way to get Siri to initiate a specific action or set of actions. Also, Siri gets smarter as it will let users create shortcuts for actions Siri could do – like finding your keys, ordering coffee, reserving tables, reminders. Then, another interesting new feature is Do Not Disturb (DND), which will have a bedtime feature that will stop showing the app notifications on the home screen. DND can be set up based on locations or other specific time points when you would not want the phone to bother you. Apple has introduced group FaceTime with the option to engage in video chat with up to 32 people at the same time.

Another very handy feature is – the Screen Time, which will give weekly summaries on how you have used your iPhone or iPad and how you are spending your time. With deep data dive, one can know how often you are picking up the phone or which apps are drawing you in – and, you will also have an option to limit your usage of a certain app. The Photo App is also getting better with the improved Search Suggestions through which one can search images by activities, events, locations, vacations, items, or even broad terms like museum, office, bar. Then, the Apple News and Stocks apps are being revamped, getting more user friendly and there will be animojis in iOS 12, and they will all come with “tongue detection” – but it will be limited to the Apple iPhone X. That’s pretty much that for the iOS 12 – pretty exciting indeed.