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iPhones might get cheaper in India

As the California-based Apple Inc is finally looking forward to assembly of iPhones locally, and it will significantly cut down the production cost of the iPhones, hence, these premium level devices are likely to get cheaper in India soon.

Being among the premium smartphone segment, Apple iPhone costs higher than Android smartphones, especially in India since it is manufactured and assembled in foreign countries - and then imported to India, attracting a number of taxes and import duties. However, Apple is finally planning to take measures to make iPhones cheaper in India and widen its customers outreach and make iPhone more affordable.

According to the source, Apple Inc. will soon start assembling the iPhones in India via one of its local unit of Foxconn plant in Sriperumbudur town in the southern Tamil Nadu from early 2019. For this, Foxconn which is already making phones for Xiaomi Corporation in India, will invest around Rs 25 billion to expand its plant and start the assembly of iPhones. The first phones to receive local assembling will be Apple's flagship X series - including iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

Not only will the local assembling of iPhones make the smartphones cheaper in India, but it will also create as many as 25,000 job opportunities, adding to the employment factor of the country. Navkendar Singh, an associate research director at International Data Corporation believes that the decision of will impact the US trade law policy because, "widening iPhone manufacturing in India through Foxconn will allow Apple to hedge the risk of any new U.S. trade policies".

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