Iran’s President and reformist Hassan Rouhani has won the Iranian Presidential Election 2017 with a majority of 57% votes in his favour as per Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli’s statement.

The Iranian President – Hassan Rouhani has been re-elected with a landslide victory as 99.7% of votes have been already counted and Rouhani leads with 57% of total votes. The Iranian president will endorse his efforts to re-engage with the western world and will boom freedom in country. Rouhani beat Ebrahim Raisi and this is seen as the country’s voters’ mandate on his policy of opening up Iran to the world rather being conservative and build a more developed and steady economy.

Fazli announced live on state television that Rouhani received 23,549,616 votes (57%), compared with his conservative rival Ebrahim Raisi, who won 15,786,449 votes (38.5%). Rouhani is a mild-mannered leader who has promoted reformism and is known to stir the youth of country which is why the young citizens opt for him. People blocked out the rise of the conservative clerical leader Raisi because of his uncanny past where he was one of the four judges who sentenced thousands of political prisoners to death back in 1980. This raised a sense of insecurity and fear among voters.

Rouhani’s campaign headquarters said there was no plan to hold a celebratory rally. Iranians are usually quick to celebrate such victories, mainly by honking car horns or dancing in streets or distributing sweets. And there was a remarkable scale of voters which ranged from 80-90% of voting and they say that the fear of Raisi’s presidency prompted many in Iran to jump and vote. Rouhani’s victory will be welcomed by Iranian reformists and the whole country.