An Iraqi Commander says that they are expecting to dislodge ISIS militants from Mosul despite of their resistance, within approximately three weeks. The army’s chief Lieutenant General Othman al-Ghanmi stated that the battle should be completed by May. The US-led international coalition is providing good support against the offensive in Mosul.

Mosul, the largest city of northern Iraq was being captured by the ISIS militants since June 2014 is finally about to release from the clasps of the terror group. ISIS has lost holds from most of the parts of Mosul since October but is still surrounded in the north-western districts including the historic Old City centre. And despite the terror, more than half a million people remain in the area of which 4,00,000 are still in the Old City area with little food, water and aids. But the torment will end soon as the Iraqi army in alliance with the US support are on the rescue.

The militants have been wiped off the central parts of Mosul and as per the stats provided by the Iraqi forces, there are still about 200 to 300 militants down from 6000 when the massacre started. Despite the small number, they are still capable of deadly comeback attacks on the armed troupes. The US trained counter terrorism services and federal police are the main forces fighting inside of Mosul while the Iraqi army battles in the outskirts of the city adding up to a total of around 1,00,000 fighters aligned against ISIS.

This vouch from the Iraqi forces raises hopes among the lakhs of civilians living in Mosul. Although the conditions in Syria are still obnoxious, freeing Mosul will prove to be a major rout for the terror faction and will prove to be a significant triumph of humanity and peace over terror. Three more weeks to go, hang on people of Mosul.