The Indian Railways’ website for online ticket booking has received a new massive update that revamps the way it looks and works. Alongside cleaner redesign, the website introduces smart features like predicting chances of a confirmed ticket and many other user-friendly features.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corp., or IRCTC has changed the way people book tickets for trains operating under Indian Railways, enabling people to book tickets online, without the hassle of standing in queues. However, the web portal was still complicated to use, hence, to ensure that no inconvenience is caused to the public, IRCTC has launched an update. The new revamped version of IRCTC website is much cleaner, clutter-free and has tons of new features that will make the web portal user-friendly and more informative. But to make sure that the transition occurs smoothly and no inconvenience is caused, IRCTC is currently offering train bookings on both old and new website.

The first and most noticeable change in the new IRCTC website, which uses Next Generation e-Ticketing (NGeT) system – is the clean redesign. Without too many buttons, menus and information packed across the home page, there is a simple clean form that will let you check availability of trains without having to log in or register. This search will avail details like different options of trains, timings, train type, class, seat availability, etc. without having to login. With this, the need to login on IRCTC account is not needed, unless one needs to book tickets – making easy and fast journey planning options to passengers.

However, the highlight of this update is the predictive feature which makes predictions about the probability of a train ticket to get confirmed. With the help of an algorithm, the web portal will be capable of forecasting the chances of a wait-listed or a reservation against cancellation (RAC) ticket getting confirmed on the basis of booking trends. To make the prediction, the portal will actually mine its own data of passenger operations and booking patters that has been collected since 13 years and will put together the results. And, the best part is, the new updated website seamlessly works on devices of all sizes – be it a desktop or a tablet or a mobile, it works on all.

Adding to it, there will be a feature called ‘Vikalp’ available on the new website, which will let users opt for alternate train options if the ticket they chose is waitlisted. IRCTC has also tied-up with other service providers like Ola for last-mile connectivity, a partnership with RazorPay to support UPI payments on the online portal, and tie-ups with several start-ups like Paytm, Mobikwik, and Hello Curry for a variety of services. This update makes the entire IRCTC web booking portal to be a standalone platform for journey planning and booking.