Coffee lovers may have yet another reason to enjoy that lovely cup of joe as researchers just found that people who consumed coffee regularly, for longer time faced lower risks of diseases which leads them to a healthy, longer life.

A freshly brewed cup of fine java every morning is the formula for a perfect morning for many, and drinking coffee has now become a global pastime, with no time limits. But the global obsession of drinking coffee has unexpected and amazing health benefits, which was kind of known up to some extent. What we didn’t know was the fact that gulping down those cups of coffee can even increase our lifespans significantly! Yes, coffee is the key to a longer life, says not just one, but two interconnected studies which are probably the largest coffee researches.

The connection found in the two studies holds regardless of whether the coffee was caffeinated or not, with the effect higher among those who drank more cups of coffee a day. The first study was a research on more than 185,000 white and non-white participants, recruited in the early 1990s and followed up for an average of over 16 years. And the results uttered that one cup of coffee a day was linked to a 12% lower risk of death at any age, from any cause while those drinking two or three cups a day had an 18% lower risk regardless of ethnicity.

The second study, which is largest of its kind was conducted on more than 450,000 participants, recruited between 1992 and 2000 across ten European countries, who were again followed for just over 16 years on average. This study said that those who drank three or more cups a day were found to have a 18% lower risk of death for men, and 8% lower risk of death for women at any age, compared with those who didn’t drink the brew. So that somehow clearly implies that coffee is good for health, if incorporated with a healthy lifestyle. Drinking it in moderation without or less addition of extras like sugar, syrups, whole milk, and cream is good for health. But you should know what suits you, and if caffeine doesn’t suit you or is too strong, cut it down, because it is still just a generic study and are we as individuals ‘generic’?