New Delhi: With the Election Commission’s due date for gatherings to affirm support in the EVM challenge set to terminate at 5 pm today and no affirmations up until now, the poll panel is planning for a situation where it should cancel the challenge basically in light of the fact that there are no takers.

Be that as it may, till today around evening time, no one has connected, Commission sources said. After the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls, the BSP and the AAP had scrutinised the unwavering quality of the machines.

The AAP had on Wednesday requested that the Commission not have any set guidelines for the EVM challenge as a man wanting to hack the machine would not pass by the standards set by the poll panel.

In the event that no affirmations are gotten from any party revealing an enthusiasm for being a piece of the EVM challenge by 5 pm today, the poll panel is probably going to issue a press note formally cancelling the challenge on grounds of non-support by the individuals who have been addressing unwavering quality and trustworthiness of EVMs.

“EC does not want to project it as a ‘victory’ as CEC Nasim Zaidi had clarified right at the onset that ‘EVM challenge’ is not an ego or prestige issue. So there shall only be a press note after 5 pm, rather than a press conference, calling off the challenge and welcoming any further suggestion from parties for strengthening administrative and security measures that EC will continue to implement,” said an officer.

Curiously, the very gatherings who had been claiming that EVMs were messed with in the current state polls and requesting a “hackathon” to demonstrate this, are yet to approach to show enthusiasm for the challenge.

The proposed challenge is on June 3 for which seven national and 48 regional gatherings perceived by the EC have been welcomed. Be that as it may, as there is no solid interest till now, EC may cancel the ‘EVM Challenge’ planned on June 3.