US-backed Syrian forces reported on Thursday that they have almost besieged the final ISIS holdout on Iraq border and released the final civilians held by the militants. The sources added that the ISIS is on the brink of defeat with a wipe out in its final enclave in Syria.

The village of Baghouz of eastern Syria, located on Syria-Iraq border was the final enclave of ISIS in the country where civilians were trapped by the terrorists. On Thursday, US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said that they successfully released hundreds of civilians including women and children from Baghouz, the last resort of ISIS territory in Syria. The trapped civilians were trucked and evacuated from the region, while hundreds are still left inside the final holdout of ISIS in Syria.

However, the release of civilians is seen as a sign that SDF will soon be able to besiege the last scrape of Syria that is still under the terrorist rule. The wipe out in final populated holdout of ISIS marks a milestone that the forces are taking a nudge on the eight-year-old Syrian war towards a new phase. This is a positive development, especially after US President Donald Trump announced a complete withdrawal of American troops from Syria that had left a security vacuum in the region.

The civilian evacuation from Baghouz is a major turnout towards the end of the remorseful Syrian war, but ISIS still remains a major security threat in the country. The militancy group still holds its territories in sparsely populated regions in western side of Euphrates River; and they have turned to guerrilla warfare. As a matter of fact, the SDF is still not giving out information on how many terrorists are left, or how long can it take to finish off the remaining ISIS terrorists. Perhaps, the war is still on in Syria, and sadly, a lot is to be done post war.