ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission better known as Mangalyaan was launched into the Martian orbit on 5th November and settled into orbit at 24 September, 2014 has completed its four years in the orbit and here are the pics MOM has sent back to earth.

It’s a moment of pride and felicity for India and ISRO that it’s first low cost interplanetary mission, The Mangalyaan has gone beyond it’s expected validity and continued to survive for four long years in the Martian orbit. The designated model of ISRO was expected to have a six month long mission life, but the satellite has been consistently efficient after that too. MOM has it’s own Twitter handle on which its tweet said, “It’s been 4 years since I am around! Thank you for your love and support”. Following the tweet, there was an image of the largest volcano of the solar system, Olympus Mons.

Global shot of Mars, captured by Mangalyaan's Mars Colour Camera (MCC). Image courtesy: ISRO

The machinery of Mars orbiter mission is constructed in a way that makes it capable of autonomous regulation and care for longer periods of time, with no need of any handling from the ground. This automation made it easier to maintain itself. The scientific objectives of our orbiter were, exploration of the Mars surface including its features, morphology, mineralogy and the atmosphere of the planet by indigenous scientific instruments. Although MOM has costed less than other Mars related foreign missions, but the matter of pride for India is that it has been the only satellite covering the full disc of Mars in a single image along with the Martian natural satellite Demos.

Partial disc of Mars captured by Mangalyaan's onboard camera. Image courtesy: ISRO

Having captured around 980 images till now, all the images sent back to earth have been immensely helpful in creating a global atlas of the planet Mars. Comparing the total cost of MOM with the American Maven orbiter, ISRO has made it in 10 times lesser budget, spending only Rs. 4.5 billion, on MOM. The mission of ISRO doesn’t stop at this achievement, as they are now trying to search for methane gas on Mars to detect the possibility of life on the planet.

Another stunning global shot of Mars captured by Mangalyaan. Image courtesy: ISRO