Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is preparing a list of several experiments to be performed in space just after the announcement of first manned space mission – the epic Gaganyaan voyage.  All these experiments will be conducted in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO), most likely by the Indian astronauts.

Preparing for the ISRO is looking to perform at least 10 experiments in space and might include testing of medical equipment to micro-biological experiments like biological air filters, bio-sensors, biological waste management, and toxic gas monitoring. So, these experiments could lead to new innovations in medical and biological technology, but it will include more crucial technological fields too. One of the ISRO officials said, “While we have indicated 10 areas that we are interested in, we will not restrict experiments to just these areas, also, we will obtain specific experiments in these areas from various institutions across India”.

ISRO has officially announced the opportunity to perform LEO-based micro-gravity experiments and is also planning to conduct a manned spaceflight mission. For this, ISRO is also seeking input from the National Scientific Community to conduct experiments in LEO. The space agency said that this work could be the continuation of currently running research or scientists can propose an entirely new scheme requiring a micro-gravity environment. Experiments performed in continuation of the currently running research could happen in a very short duration of one to seven days.

The Gaganyaan manned spaceflight mission is ISRO’s biggest mission in terms of finance as well as technology and the entire space mission will cost around Rs 10,000 crores. The work for the space mission has already kick started and might need assistance from countries like Russia and France, and also some technologies in the labs of NASA could be used.  For now, the ISRO team is looking into some areas like life support and human rating system and the launch of the vehicle in upcoming months.