Railway Minister Piyush Goyal says that the Indian Railways is working with the Indian Space Research Organisation to make travelling by trains a safer experience in India.

After huge number of derailment incidents in India, restoring train journey safety is pressing and has become an urgent need. To make Indian Railways safer, Indian Railways is working with the Indian Space Research Organisation or ISRO to devise safety mechanisms. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has already met ISRO chairman AS Kiran Kumar to talk about space technology for safety in railways; and talked about Indian Railways’ intentions and developments for the same during India Mobile Congress 2017 summit on Thursday.

With technological assistance from ISRO, terms of possibilities have opened up which will engage space techs that ISRO uses and data from the Railway ministry – which together can bring safer travel to Indian railways. Goyal is trying to resolve the slew of train derailment incidents last month which saw the exit of Suresh Prabhu as the railway minister in the Cabinet reshuffle early September. On August 19, at least 22 people were killed after the Utkal Express went off tracks near Muzaffarnagar. Less than a week later, the Delhi-Azamgarh Kaifiyat Express got derailed in Auraiya district, leaving at least a 100 passengers injured. These were followed by many other derailments that had no casualties.

Goyal also mentioned as of how Indian Railways have been evolving with time and started using computers in 1960s, which has now expanded to a significant extent. Safety can be ensured by further adding modern technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning. He also said that round the clock access of connectivity and electricity is dream of billions of Indians and the government is making efforts to achieve it. Let’s see if he is one of those talky leaders or among those who actually do things rather than just babbling big small-talks.