Bengaluru: Johannesburg-based IT benefits firm Dimension Data, which spared the white rhinoceroses in South Africa from annihilation due to poaching, now needs to help ensure jeopardised species in India, for example, Asiatic lions and Bengal tigers, through its associated conservation extend.

Dimension Data (DD) secures the edges of wildlife sanctuaries utilising a blend of scanners, biometrics, CCTVs, drone surveillance, sensors, and so forth, and uses the cloud for investigation of the information gathered from these gadgets.

This is not the same as the customary approach of conservationists to track the imperilled creatures through shooting and collars, instead of finding the poachers. On account of rhinos, they either dehorn rhinos or paint the horn to make it ugly.

“It’s not the problem of the animal. It’s a problem with the people trying to kill the animal,” said Jason Goodall, CEO of Dimension Data. “So, let’s get the people trying to kill the animal.”

Under the connected conservation project, DD has partnered with Cisco to first secure a 50,000-acre game reserve in South Africa to save white rhinos in a pilot project. “This gives eyes and ears to rhino protectors who can dispatch a rapid response in case of an intrusion,” Goodall said.”Using the predictive modelling and sensors hidden all over the park, we can track any unnatural movement in the park,” he said.

“We can use the same technology and leverage the work we have done in SA to bring it to India,” he said. “At the end of 15 months of its project to save white rhinos in South Africa, there was a 96% reduction in the number of rhinos poached.”

The oversaw administrations organisation, which came to India in 1995, has more than 1,900 representatives in the nation. It oversees State Bank of India’s system of 20,000 branches and 65,000 ATMs.

Kiran Bhagwanani, India CEO of Dimension Data, said, “The fastest growing vertical in India in the past three years is security, especially after the RBI norms.”

He said, “Creation of bank accounts under Jan-Dhan Yojana and the push for cashless transactions post demonetization has led banks to focus more on digital capabilities.”

“Post demonetisation other enterprises too needed to get ready for digital transactions, creating more opportunities for Dimension Data that creates digital infrastructure and manages it,” Bhagwanani said.