Many parts of India are getting flooded with heavy, very heavy rainfall; especially Mumbai is facing the worst rainfall season since years. During such situation, it is important to educate yourself so that you can save yourself and many others.

It is seriously raining cats and dogs in some parts of India and thanks to our very efficient drainage systems, that most of the cities hit by rain are flooded with water – disrupting the flow of daily lives. Water logged streets, fallen streets, rebellious looking traffic jams and scarcity of daily supplies including electricity has crippled the even fast-paced cities like Mumbai. If you have roof on your head, well God bless you but the worse could be getting stuck in a car when the streets are flooded and it is raining outside. This might not sound very alarming but this situation can turn out to be fatal.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered – you can follow the following tips if God-forbid you ever get stuck in a car in rainy situations, and you’ll be good to go.

Drive slower:

I understand that you want to get out of the mess as soon as possible, but speeding away during heavy rainfall is clearly not a solution. Drive gently, don’t throttle, don’t accelerate a lot and don’t apply brakes a lot either – sail through it, you know? And one cannot forget omnipresent pits and bumps submerged under water. Also, make sure to keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

Keep your car-engine revved up:

First thing you want to do is stop your car from getting stopped, so when you have to ‘dive’ your car into waterlogged roads – keep the car engine revved up. Which means you have to increase the running speed of the engine and not your car by pressing the accelerator while the clutch is disengaged. This will keep water from getting into exhaust and damaging the engine; it is also best to drive at a consistent speed, preferably on first or second gear.

Leave the car if water gets inside:

If water starts rising above your door levels and entering into the car, get out of it because car’s electric system can end up getting short circuited and you could be stuck in the car because of security failure – you surely don’t want that! Don’t worry about the car, you can get it once water recedes and even if you can’t, well nothing is more important your life, is it?

The headrest rod helps:

When you get stuck in a car – do not panic, there is always a way out. First try to open the doors or windows and if you fail to do so, look for a hammer to break the window glass. It is always advised to keep a small hammer in glovebox, but if not, don’t worry – just take out that adjustable headrest from the front seat and break the window glass with the rod. Make sure not hurting yourself while doing so.

These are the basic tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe – be it rainy, be it flooded.