Who wants to enjoy junk food yet want to keep calorie count? Well, pick a samosa over a burger because a recent study by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) says that samosa is healthier than burger – doesn’t mean you can binge over it. Come on!

When it comes to picking least unhealthy food from among pile of unhealthy food, we often make mistakes. Here’s an example, which one of burger and samosa is healthier? You might be surprised but the deep fried Indian snack – samosa turns out to be healthier option compared to the American burger. I am not saying it, a study conducted by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) says that samosa is healthier than burgers. Yep, it is a great news to all samosa lovers out there. But hey, it is not better than a salad of course, not even better than roti – go roti.

If you too are wondering like us about how a deep fried snack filled with starchy potatoes healthier than burger which often has buns which could be made of whole wheat or multigrain flour, and raw veggies? Here’s the answer – Samosa is made of fresh ingredients like comparatively lower amount of wheat flour, boiled potatoes, peas, spices and oil for frying. There are no preservatives or flavourings or additives despite being calorie-dense. Whereas, burger contains chemicals in form of preservatives, acidity regulators, emulsifiers, gluten-filled flour, potato or meat patty, cheese, mayonnaise – so there is little part in burger which is wholesome.

Sometimes, just sometimes, we need to look a little beyond just calories – kidding – always look beyond calories because it is the content that counts. Proteins are high in calories, but they are one of the healthies compounds. Similarly, fat included in nuts like almond and walnuts are super-healthy despite being calorie dense. What makes to healthy is the food which is least processed by humans, and in this case, samosa made it just because of this reason. The more we process it, the more it gets unhealthier – so go for wholesome food, and yes sometimes, just sometimes – indulge your taste buds with junk food too (not kidding about ‘sometimes’ this time).