July this year, came with a promise of being a treat for stargazers with triple celestial events: a solar eclipse today (July 13), a lunar eclipse on July 27th night and Mars is coming closest in 15 years on July 31. But it’s solar eclipse, it’s the 13th and it’s Friday – bad luck for the world?

It is that time of all times when the moon will sink its tooth into the Sun and swallow down a little chunk of the shining star – the partial solar eclipse. The solar eclipse today, will not be visible to almost everyone around the world as the viewing range stretches from the southernmost sliver of mainland Australia down to the northern coast of Antarctica – which is mostly just ocean. It is just some southernmost regions of Australia, New Zealand and North Antarctica where the solar eclipse will be visible today. In case if you happen to be somewhere in the viewing stretch, you can check out the timings of the partial solar eclipse here.

Perhaps, solar eclipses aka surya grahan are often associated with eerie superstitions in the west – and much more in India. Especially when it is a solar eclipse, and it is Friday the 13th – all the odds! Tangential references to calamities, bad omen and superstitious believes are not uncommon. However, a regular-ish Google search of rather “calamitous” events during previous solar eclipses on Friday the 13ths revealed nothing significant – except inclusion of Malta as a republic in Commonwealths – a significant but non-calamitous event indeed.

For today’s solar eclipse, the only catastrophic occurrence is US President Donald Trump’s meeting with British PM Theresa May and later with the Queen at Chequers – where chances of a faux pas or two are highly likely. Other than that, Mr Kim is at going low-key, Mr Jinping is at peace and Mr Vladimir is busy being gleeful about the World Cup – dire consequences are rather inconvincible this solar eclipse. For those who are still bothered on such days, please take heart – there are only two more solar eclipse on Friday the 13th in this century. One on September 13, 2080, and the other one on August 13, 2083 – that’s too long to worry about and a lot can happen without the celestial bodies having to cover each other – we got all the nukes, plastic and smoke, you know.