Apple iTunes is finally available on Microsoft Store for Windows 10 users who will now be able to download and install the application on their devices – which means, the users will be able to use all iTunes features which are available on standard desktop app.

Days ahead of Microsoft’s Build 2018 conference and after taking its own sweet time, Apple iTunes app is finally and formally made available on Microsoft Store. Apple has released the iTunes app on Microsoft Store and can be downloaded and installed by users whose devices are running under Windows 10 operating system. While the app may have taken a bit of time to arrive, it is expected to be quite popular among Windows 10S users – which is basically a stripped down version of Windows 10 that can only work on apps like mobile phones.

The Apple iTunes app available on Microsoft Store is pretty much same as the standard app, which means, users of the new app will be able to access all iTunes features including – access to Apple Music, syncing their iPhones and double up as a media player application. Even the UI (user interface) looks same as the standard desktop app with all menu options and shortcuts. The official standalone iTunes app for Windows users will make it easier for Windows users to find the app, especially available on Windows 10S. Also, if users have iTunes already installed, the Store version will remove that and migrate user setting from there to the app when one runs it for the first time.

However, the only difference between the regular app and the Microsoft Store app is that the installation and updates will be handled through Windows Store instead of Apple. It is certainly a win-win situation for Microsoft as inclusion of iTunes app will boost Microsoft Store’s popularity – which has gone through lack of developer support globally. iTunes is finally available on Microsoft Store from today – almost a year after Microsoft first announced plans to bring the iTunes app to the Windows 10 Store in May 2017.