The two tech giants Apple and Microsoft have finally put their differences aside for the sake of money and music. Microsoft announced that Apple’s popular music app iTunes will make its debut in the Windows Store by the end of year.

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 S operating system which is an essentially cheaper and more streamlined version of Windows 10 will only allow the users to download apps that are approved by Microsoft. And the decision to bring iTunes app is significant given both companies’ past reluctance to make that their respective services, like Microsoft Office, compatible with the other’s. The iTunes introduction in Windows will also set Microsoft’s open-to-work-with-all virtues which will ultimately improve the portrait of the company than before.

During Microsoft’s announcements in annual Build conference for developers at Redmond, Washington on Thursday, it was also stated that it would let people download three different versions of Linux operating system from its Windows Store. Remember those days when Microsoft considered Linux a threat to its proprietary Windows operating system? Yeah, that is changing now and Microsoft seems to be believing in ‘alliance’ and ‘teamwork’ and ‘diplomacy’. Maybe.

And it’s not just the ‘single-sided’ relationship (lol); back in 2015, Apple had invited a Microsoft executive to demonstrate a version of its Office software for iPad. That was surely a moment of bewilderment considering that the two companies were at each other’s throats rather than playing nice. With all the ‘friendly’ cooperation, there is surely ‘something dubious’ going on between Microsoft and Apple. Or is it just the magic of music; like you know music forever. Or as they say it – Music can heal every pain. Touché!