US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump was invited by PM Modi in his recent meeting, and just a month after the invitation, Ivanka has scheduled her first ever visit to India for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in November.

Modi and Trump are seen as the leaders with ‘similar’ approach and almost a month ago, when PM Modi was on his visit to USA, he had invited Donald Trump and his family to India. Accepting the invitation, Ivanka Trump had confirmed her affirmation through twitter and now she has just confirmed her visit to India in November. Ivanka will be visiting the eight edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017, which is held at Hyderabad in November. GES was started under the leadership of US President Barack Obama in 2010 and India got the chance of hosting this year’s summit, following Modi’s visit to the White House.

Ivanka Trump, who herself is an entrepreneur and an assistant to her father, is estimated have a net worth of about $300 million. Ivanka actively works in women empowerment and nurturing new women entrepreneurs across the world. During her visit in Saudi Arabia, Ivanka successfully pursued and convinced the conservative nation to donate a huge fund for women empowerment to UNESCO. Her presence at the GEC will inspire businesspeople and investors from around the world, especially the developing countries and boost international trade relationships.

GES 2017 have been scheduled on 28th November in Hyderabad and it is said that the city was selected as the venue because of its international clientele and conference hosting capabilities. The summit will consist of different workshops, panels, mentoring and networking sessions, which will provide businessmen across the world to develop better relationships and deals on an open international platform. It is said that Ivanka has already notified her personal advisor to schedule her first trip to India and the details will be declared later, after consulting with Indian and GES authorities.