The Air India inflight crew will now greet “Jai Hind” for every announcement they make in the flight from now on, as per the advisory issued by the airline – a decision made in line with the “mood of nation”.

Air India director Captain Amitabh Singh issued a nationwide advisory to all of its employees directing that all crew members will be required to say “Jai Hind” after every inflight announcement, after a brief pause and “with much fervour”. It has been reported that the order comes straight from the behest of Air India Chariman Ashwani Lohani, and is intended to be a “reminder” to the staff, aligned with the mood of nation; and hence, will come into effect immediately.

So the next time you board any Air India flight, the announcements might sound something like, “Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign” – pause – “Jai Hind!”. The national carried did make one inflight announcement ending with the salutation, currently. But since the salute has to be said by flight attendants and pilot for ever announcement they make inside the flight, it sums up to a minimum of 16 “Jai Hinds” per flight, not counting additional fervent exhortations each time there is turbulence.

Besides the patriotic salute, Lohani has also directed the cabin crew to be “courteous and polite” to passengers – and that can be done by welcoming with a “namaskaar”, a smile on face and a conversing sweet and polite greeting. In the time of today’s political climate and a lot of jingoism going around, if the iterations of patriotic fervours demonstrate the unstinting loyalty of us civilians for the victorious nation that we belong to, then it is but a welcome move for us Indians.