The multi-billionaire and Founder-CEO of Amazon and Blue Horizon – Jeff Bezos has a dream of building a world when a trillion people will live in space. Recently, Bezos’ space travel company, Blue Origin test-launched the New Shepard reusable rocket and the space capsule – taking a step closer to affordable space travel and fulfilling the ultimate dream.

Just dreaming big is not on Jeff Bezos’ list, he is actually working on making his vision for the world that his great-grandchildren’s great-grandchildren will live in the wilds of space. How will this dream come true? The idea is that he will provide all the money that is needed – being world’s richest man, Bezos has decided to spend his astonishing $131 billion wealth on getting man into space. Currently, his space travel agency Blue Origin already spends $1 billion of Bezos’ fortune behind space research and travel every year. After having all the money to develop enough resources to make affordable space travel a reality, who will develop all the technology?

To that question, Bezos said that if there will be trillion humans, then there will be “a thousand Einsteins and a thousand Mozarts” and we’ll develop other planets, leaving Earth a beautiful place to be. To make this happen, Bezos has owned a space agency named Blue Origin and is currently working on developing reusable space rocket named New Shepard. While Blue Origin prefers to keep its tests a private affair, the recent test launch of New Shepard was made available to public. Bezos has always been quiet in the matter of Blue Origin’s work, in order to avoid creating any disturbance to the progress of the company. In fact, they have conducted eight tests out of which only two have been made public at the time of being performed.

The New Shepard booster topped with a capsule carrying a dummy Skywalker, took off this Sunday from company’s sprawling test site, in West Texas on a 10-minute trip to the edge of the space and back. Lifting off from Van Horn, Texas at 12:06 p.m. CDT on Sunday – the rocket reached the height of 107 kilometres, and returned back to earth. Designed to take people on suborbital flights towards the edge of space, the successful test of New Shepard is an achievement for humanity – and the future that we will have. Humanity needs to move to other planets, because otherwise, as Bezos says, the world will become stagnant with all energy sources exhausted and nowhere to go. But even after humanity becomes multi-planetary community, Earth will remain the crown jewel for humans.