Amazon owner Jeff Bezos became the world’s richest person by overtaking Bill Gates after Amazon shares popped up by 1 percent on Thursday, momentarily, later the share value down-fell and Gates regained his top uber-rich position.

Bill Gates has been the richest person since 7 consecutive years, but just a 1 percent of unexpected early morning pop in the shares of was enough for its founder – Jeff Bezos to bump him up over the immense wealth of Mr. Gates and make the Amazonian richest person in world. With this share hike on Thursday, Bezos took away the decades of mantle of world’s richest person from Bill Gates, for some time. But later that day, Amazon’s shares slipped down in response to the company’s second-quarter earnings miss which made Bezos lose his top spot and Gates regained his esteemed position.

Don’t feel bad for Bezos because the man still earns in billions and is still expanding towards new horizons beyond just online retailing. Amazon is actually working stepping in technology sector and has worked on cloud computing, online video, computing hardware and artificial intelligence. Over that, Amazon is also announced its plans to take over Whole Foods, the US grocer which will help the retail giant in expanding to grocery sector in the States.

As per the live stats by Forbes, when Amazon shares had hiked, the net worth of Amazon’s chief – Bezos was $90.6 billion compared to Gates’ $90 billion. The back and forth swapping of top positions will keep fluctuation with the value of Amazon shares, but Bezos has finally broken Gates’ decades long uber-rich record.  And who knows, Bezos might even surpass Bill Gates beyond this minor difference and make it to the top in Forbes’ richest person list, next year. This is very possible as Bezos owns 17% of the equity of Seattle based company Amazon and it has continuously been expanding globally.

According to Forbes, Gates has been the richest person in the magazine’s annual rankings in March for the past four years and for 18 of the past 22 years. Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim overtook Gates from 2010 to 2013. But we might get a new man on the top next year, or not.