Known as the baby Range Rover, Jaguar Land Rover aka JLR just launched their compact SUV 2019 Range Rover Evoque, which is made in Britain and debuted in global market on Thursday.

The Range Rover Evoque, which is a compact SUV built on the Premium Transverse Architecture debuted on global level in London on Thursday. The new car is much more than just a premium design similar to Velar, rather, the Evoque is based on an all new Lang Rover platform that made it not just much more lighter and efficient, but also compatible to the hybrid engines – while providing standard petrol-diesel engine options. It may be called an “entry level” compact SUV by JLR, but comes out to be a weak word for the amount of new technology and features packed in the car.

In fact, with the hybrid fuel option and high-tech features like ClearSight rear-view mirror that transforms into an HD video screen, the Active Driveline with Driveline Disconnect and Adaptive Dynamics, etc makes the car to be Land Rover’s first mild hybrid car. About the ClearSight mirror, it is more than just a mirror and the bad boy looks like a regular old-school mirror, but it turns into a futuristic HD video screen streaming the rear camera feed upon flick of a switch. The rear camera is placed on the top of the backside of car to get a clear view of what is behind the vehicle. Now that’s pretty cool because it is very James Bond-ish, but it is more about parking and not getting the rear of your car smashed. Rears are important!

Also, mild hybrid power terrain means that the car uses the energy that is lost in regular cars during deceleration. How that works? It is all the magic of the engine-mounted belt-integrated starter generator that stores all the energy that would be wasted otherwise. Basically, if your car goes slower than 17kmph, the engine will shut off while the driver applies the brakes and save the energy – which can then be redeployed to assist the engine under acceleration and reduce fuel consumption.

Having said that, the 2019 Range Rover Evoque is being launched in four different diesel engine variants and three petrol engines options ranging from 150PS to 300PS. And the luxurious, minimalist, digital compact SUV starts from £31,600, which is approximately Rs 28.51 lakh – don’t be too happy, we still need to add all the taxes and import duties. But for Indians, we might still have to wait for some time until the Evoque arrives to India.